June 12, 2012

Lessons I Learned This Week

1.  People are actually good.
Surprising, I know. It's always nice to have faith in humanity restored. Yesterday I was at the grocery store picking up four gallons of milk for a young single adult activity (involving cookies) and being the genius I am, I forgot a cart. So I load myself up with four gallons and start walking stoically to the front of the store, trying not to look like I'm putting any effort into it. Just as I decide that this was not a smart idea, I hear a small "excuse me" from behind. I turn around and there is a nice employee there with extra carts and pulls one up for me. He told me he was sure I could handle it but the cart might make things easier. What a sweet man. Like I said, people can be good.

2.  Mom is happy if you're happy.
I love my mother. My favorite thing is to call her on my way home from work and tell her all the tiny things that made my day and my frustrations and boy-news. She can tell that I'm excited and offers her praise and advise. Although she may be busy doing something else, she takes time to listen to all the insignificant things I want to say and she tells me, "I'm happy when you're happy." I have the best mom ever. 

3.  Try, try, try again. 
Thomas Edison had this one down but I'm still working on it. There is the point I hit occasionally where I just want to give up, sit down and cry, but that's not how things work. The boy I've been mentioning is a great person to remind me of this. When I'm out, he reminds me that it's about putting your full effort into things and if you mess up, pick yourself up and try again. 

4.  Boys have feelings too.
Shocker, right? They just don't show them as often. I'm not going into detail on this one but let's just say that I need to be more sensitive to how men feel as well. Sometimes I assume nothing makes them sad besides their favorite team losing but that isn't true. I just need to pay more attention to how my actions and words make others feel, especially when they don't outwardly show it. 

5.  Wearing clothes is (usually) a good idea.
So I live in a house of girls. I know all their cars so when I came home I knew right away I was the only one there so I made merry of it. I sang, danced around a bit as I scoured the cupboards for food until I noticed a pair of men's sandals on the floor and some glasses I did not recognize. I thought maybe our landlord was here doing maintenance but then I didn't see his car and he wouldn't be barefoot anyway. I just figured someone had left them there. So I went about my business and made my way upstairs to change clothes. I got down to my unmentionables and decided I would raid my sister's closet for an outfit. I opened the door and there was a man asleep on her bed! I quickly shut the door and ran back to my room. I thought, that couldn't be Michael (her bf) because he would be with her and she's not home. Therefore I assumed he was a hobo who had gotten in. I quickly called my sister and asked her if she left Michael at the house and she said yes, because he had fallen asleep. Phew... not a hobo. I recounted the story to her and we had a good laugh. Moral of the story: always make sure you are completely alone if you're going to run around the house in your undies.

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