May 17, 2012

Date With A Snuggie

This morning something miraculous happened. I got out of bed when my alarm clock went off. No, not my second alarm or my third alarm. The first. So I was half an hour ahead of schedule which is odd because I'm usually half an hour behind. So now that I'm at work, I realize I have 8+ hours to go till I can get out of here. Besides that, one thought keeps resonating in my brain: I miss my fish. I had to give my fish to my sister because I transferred my tank to my new house but because I have nothing to set it up on yet, it sits on my floor with about an inch of water. Once I get a stand for it, I'll be filling my tank one again but this time with koi!!

Yes. I'm so very excited!!! They are going to be so cool and I will train them and pet them!!

Enough of that. Forty minutes of work and I'm already vying to go home. Not much sounds better than my snuggie and a movie. "You own a Snuggie??" you ask. Yes, I do. I too one thought they were silly inventions and vowed to never wear one; however, my dear mother bought all her kids one for Christmas and once I tried it on, I knew there was no going back. Of course I mostly wear it backwards so its more like a cloak than that silly front cover, but it is the perfect movie watching thing.

I know I'm just ranting now, but there really isn't much to do besides drool after the new intern who is dark haired and handsome and appears to always be smiling. I like that in a man. Yet I must abstain from dreaming about him too much because I know I cannot have him. *sigh* Such is life. 

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