May 18, 2012

Battle With The Intern

Two days in a row. I'm on fire, baby! (I was on time for work again). This calls for a celebration; also the fact that it's Friday. So what am I going to do tonight to kick off the blessed weekend??? Nothing. I'm hoping that will change once the day gets rolling but I may just stay up late tonight and paint my bathroom, which sounds plenty fun to me (and I'm not even being sarcastic). One thing for sure is no matter what I am doing, I will be reveling in the fact that I'm not at work, that I'm not wearing a skirt and heels, and I'm not expected to do anything for a couple of days. Sounds lazy, I know, but don't tell me you don't feel the same way sometimes (maybe not the skirt and heels part).

I'm feeling good today and maybe it's because I started off the day with some Frankie Valle. Also, the mailman just showed up and he is one of my favorite people. I'm determined to stay in a good mood all day so here I am, armed with chocolate and a good attitude; let's see if I can be positive all day!

Ps. I really need to stop freaking out about this new intern. He will be the death of me, I can tell. I freak out and turn red every time he even says "hey" to me. Not good. Not good. I am now declaring war on the intern (unbeknownst to him) and I'm determined to win!! So far it's Intern: 4, Haley: 0. I will get back on track and win this game!!

I'm really glad he doesn't know he's playing...

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