May 25, 2012

If You Want To Speak Italian

Just a heads up people, I think the world may be ending soon because something insane just happened... I had two dates in four days. Two different people. That, my friends, is a strange occurrence. Pardon my theatrics but I'm just blown away by this. I'm sure if you've read more of my blog you will see a pattern of boylessness and frequently making a fool of myself in front of the male gender (I'm still doing that).

My date last night was pretty groovy and the cool thing was, I really couldn't remember what he looked like, so it was almost a blind date. Do you remember when I went Speed Dating for the second time? Well I guess he was one of the guys there and we must have had a good conversation because we ended up with each other's numbers (which just got distributed to us). That was back in April so it was safe to say, I really don't remember anyone's number that I wrote down. When he showed up, I wasn't disappointed. He was a very handsome guy and very polite as well.

We ended up at a very fancy Italian place called Alessia's where we stuffed ourselves on pasta and cannolis, which were both extremely amazing. We decided that all Italians have to do this while talking, and we must do the same if we were to feign such accents:

After dinner we went to a very cool bowling alley. I'm sure it was average cool for most people but I'm used to a tiny bowling alley in a tiny town, so the fact that we had our own couch was pretty cool. I'd like to say that I almost beat him, and for a while I had him worried. I got over a hundred in the second game but my arm was dead by the third so I was lucky to get past 60 points. It's safe to say, he kicked my trash! 

All in all, a very fun date. And he's in my ward so I'm guessing I'll see him around a little more, now that I know what he looks like. 

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