May 03, 2012

Tubes, Dude

These past couple days at work I've been finding myself done with the things I need to do, and there are still 4 hours of work to go. I don't want to be a horrible employee and sit on Facebook all day (yet here I am on blogger) so I try to find something to do. Maybe clean something. My desk has been sanitized to kingdom come and my things have been organized like you've never seen before! It doesn't help that I'm a little stiff from the gym and walking in heels is not something I would like to do right now.

I'll tell you what I would like to do. Ever heard of the Salt River in Arizona? It's an amazing place where you take your inner-tubes, friends, and bathing suits to float down the river in a leisurely fashion (with the occasionally fast part that keeps it interesting). That is where I want to be right now. Maybe with someone, but by myself would be just fine. The hot sun keeps you warm enough to balance out the freezing water that numbs your bum in the first minute you sit down and most of you know, it wouldn't hurt if I got a little sun. I would just float and look at cliffs around me and just be thankful I'm alive and not working (as opposed to dead and working).

If you've never gone down the Salt River, be sure to do it this spring/summer! You will thank yourself later for it and you may start looking for any reason to go again.

On a side note, I decided to announce that I'm starting a workout program (that I'm making up myself) and I'm taking before and after pictures, and most likely in between pictures. I've noticed the affect that sitting at a desk all day is not a pleasant one so I'm doing something about it (before I start to cut off this extra fat with my scissors). Now that I've told the [blogger] world, I guess I'm going to have to go through with it. This is how I get myself to do things, I trick myself into it. -_-

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