May 23, 2012

Sexy Salsa

Despite being a zombie all day yesterday, I decided to tough it out and go to the Salsa lesson Cousin David was teaching. I didn't even change out of my work outfit because I figured the dress would look nice while I was being spun around and boy, did I get spun around. I was surprised at the large turn out and miraculously, there were more guys than girls! I'll credit David for that because he did an awesome job broadcasting the event weeks in advance and telling the guys how he gets the girlies because of his sexy salsa moves, which is true. That and the fact that he's beautiful.

Instead of being stuck with one awkward partner the whole time, we rotated every few minutes which was very refreshing. I was thankful for that because some of them had two left feet and others were pulling me super close and staring into my eyes... which is not how I want to meet a stranger. Other than a few odd moments, I had a lot of fun. Some guys picked it up so fast (or were already into Salsa) and I was being whirled and twirled and even dipped a couple times. I'm not going to say I'm the best dancer but I got into it after a while; also I had already learned the basics from Dave a few weeks ago so this was a good refresher.

I hope we looked a little something like this. 

The amazing thing was that despite the fact I was wearing heels, my feet didn't hurt at all while dancing! After, however, I took my shoes off and walked barefoot back to my car and that was excruciating. I could feel my bones molding back to their normal shape after wearing heels for  9 hours at work and then another 2 and a half hours dancing. I just wanted to sit on the floor and wait for someone to come pick me up and carry me to the car, but alas, no one was in sight.

Once I crashed at home, I made a late night "breakfast" and then fell into bed. After days of insomnia, I finally slept through the whole night so I feel semi-amazing this morning. I even shaved my legs. Hallelujah. I'm looking forward to an evening of finding the last piece of my Comicon costume and then playing Age of Empires online with a big group of people. I'm looking forward to a very nerdy weekend. :)

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