May 21, 2012

Socially Awkward Alien Mode

Another great weekend in the bag! On Friday I went to go see Wrath of the Titans with my cousin David John and my friend Adrienne. I'm not sure if you've seen it or even the first one but I'm just going to say.. it's not really worth it. We went to the dollar theater so it wasn't like we dropped a bunch of cash to see it. However, I did have fun hanging out with my homies (for some reason spell-check doesn't think that is a word) and stuffing my face with popcorn. Saturday was both lazy and productive. Ariel and I found ourselves goofing off at Costco and I ended up with another giant box of cereal (I've been eating cereal for dinner all week).

Smashing up the Costco parking lot.

As Ariel left for her date night, I found myself at home laying on my bed in self pity. I know that's very self centered and hardly productive but there are a few things going on lately that have been stressing me out. As 9:30 rolled around I decided it was time to put my pjs on because it didn't seem like I was going anywhere that night. Before I could peel myself off the bed, I get a phone call from my beautiful cousin, David, telling me that I better get ready because he was going to be at my house in a matter of minutes! Luckily my hair was still decent so I rubbed the red from my eyes and put on a new outfit.

David then whisked me off to a Young Single Adult party with glow sticks and popcorn. We realized after we got there that we didn't really know anyone so we kind of floated around awkwardly because neither of us are the type of people to introduce ourselves to strangers. Eventually we did find a girl we both knew who knew other people so we could break the awkward barrier and talk to different groups. We eventually found a little group that was dancing so we joined them in the frivolities. We shook out groove thang for a while and amazingly, a guy on the edge of the group made eye contact with me a couple times and then asked me to dance. First I was glad he asked but then a second later I realized I had no idea how to dance (he was trying to get me to do swing). He did his best as teaching the steps as I tried not to look ridiculous and eventually he was twirling, spinning, and dipping me (and I didn't mess up too bad!). It's been a while since I danced like that!

I will say that I am going to see him again tonight and I hope I don't do something ridiculous, because there is a very big chance that I'll trip and fall, say something stupid, or do a whole plethora of awkward things. Let's just hope that I'm in Charismatic Mode tonight and not my Socially Awkward Alien Mode (which does happen quite a bit).

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