May 22, 2012

Scrambled Eggs/Brains

I feel as if someone put an egg beater in my head and scrambled my brains last night*. My dreams were a whirlwind of faces and colors and textures but I couldn't hold on to anything. So this morning I'm very very confused. Even my memories of last night are faded and loopy so I'm not really sure what's going on.

I do know that I had a good time last night on my date. He liked to talk a lot which is fine with me because he was pretty interesting to listen to. I really admired him for the passion he had for what he wanted to do with his life. He was all about saving lives and helping/healing others. He also said something pretty cool after he told me about his near death experience and I thought it was a good way to look at life. If my brains weren't scrambled eggs I would remember exactly what he said but it was along the lines of: "As long as I have air to breathe, I have a reason to smile." What a great attitude! I really want to try and apply that concept to my life and be more appreciative of what I have.

Anyway, he made a nice picnic dinner and then we went swimming (or for me, just sitting in the water) and talked for a few hours. I did divulge my past of band nerd-dom and drama geekery, but he himself had been in band and his mother plays the saxophone like me, so I didn't feel as weird. All in all, a very fun date. I am paying for the late night today, however (I also couldn't fall asleep last night and the dreams didn't help) so this morning I am Zombie Haley with my smile screwed into place and popping pills to keep my hurts at bay. I'm hoping I have a little more life in me by tonight because I promised my wonderful cousin, David, that I would attend the Salsa class he is teaching tonight for our ward (church).

I will survive!! Or maybe I will just pull a Patrick Star and crawl under a rock till Friday rolls around.

* Funny coincidence, I woke up this morning around 6 really craving scrambled eggs, and I almost got out bed early to make them. Almost.

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