May 07, 2012

Horror Movie Hiking

It's safe to say that this Saturday was one of the best I've had in a while (fun wise). The previous night I went to go see my long-haired cousin at his dance performance doing the sexy Salsa (he was the best) at MCC, and afterwards went to a celebratory dinner at Olive Garden with him and some of his dancer friends. One of those friends, Adrienne, suggested that we go hiking on Saturday morning. Although I do love hiking, I do love sleeping in on Saturdays, so I was having an internal conflict. After a while I decided hiking would be the better choice and four of us decided to go to the Superstition Mountains to hike (they aren't really mountains, not compared to the ones in Washington!! Me = Mountain Snob).

So Saturday morning I easily woke up early and we headed out to the hills for some good trekking, grooving to dub-step the whole way. Our little expedition crew consisted of David (cousin), Adrienne (friend) , Tom (new friend), and myself (me). We jovially tramped up the trail, soaking in all the sun we could.

  -Let me break and tell you that I am from Washington originally and I never wore sunscreen there, so I never made it a habit of using it in the sun. So, despite the Arizona sun, I neglected sunscreen yet again. -

Back to the tale. After 20 minutes or so we came across a barbed wire fence and a sign that warned us not to go into this abandoned mine. What do you think we young adults did? Right. We hopped (or crawled beneath) the fence and took off to see this alleged "mine". On the way someone made a comment that this is the perfect makings of a horror film:

Four young people set off on a fun journey, two boys and two girls. They see a fence they shouldn't cross for safety reasons. They cross it anyway. The one boy who owns a gun, forgets it in the car and all the rest of them neglect to bring their cell phones. After a series of unfortunate events they find themselves trapped in the mine or lost, or someone gets hurt and they have to camp for the night. Enter: the serial killer who picks them off one by one! 

Anything could happen really, but luckily, none of that did... yet. We also found it funny that a large, ominous black crow decided to follow us around, adding the the slasher movie effect. As we continued onward, we discussed how our "story" would end. They agreed that I would probably be the first one to die since I was the quiet girl who tripped over everything. In my defense, I was not that quiet, and it's not my fault rocks like to jump out at me and my butt is a magnet to the ground. (Seriously though, I fell so many times it was ridiculous!)  We all agreed that if I died, that David would have to die as well since we are related and that is how these things go. For a time it seemed that Adrienne would be our spunky heroine, with Tom as a close second possible survivor due to his male-ness and cool tattoos.

I thought about this outcome and was deeply saddened because I would rather be the hero than the bumbling girl that dies first. Miraculously, everyone else decided that I could possibly be the killer since I was the quiet one no one expects, or perhaps if I did die, it would be in some heroic/cool way, and I can live with that. Thanks guys! :D

Luckily, no one died on the trip and we rewarded ourselves with Bahama Bucks afterwards. Not wanting to waste a beautiful day, we all decided to hit up David's pool and attempt to tan [note: I had already been outside for a few hours without sun screen.] The pool was perfect temperature and I could feel myself getting some vitamin D. It was heaven, laying out there by the pool! Tom did try and throw me in the pool but he didn't know the extent of my skills. Seriously, every time I am around a pool someone has to threaten/try to throw me in, and I will proudly say that no one, NO ONE, can do it. That is not a challenge. That is a fact.

Anyway, long story short, Saturday was wonderful, and it is also the reason why I ended up looking like this:

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