May 29, 2012

Phoenix Comicon 2012

After weeks and weeks of getting ready and spending more money than I'd like to admit, it was finally Friday night, the night before we were to go to Comicon. However, I spent the night torn and depressed. I had stayed up very late that night and Ariel had already gone to bed before I could ask her if she was still planning on going with me. Also her boyfriend decided to crash his bike and was not able to go. I sat on my bed debating whether or not I could even go. I knew I wouldn't want to be by myself there (I probably wouldn't even be able to find it).

So Saturday morning rolls around and I sneak into Ariel's room to wake her up. Amazingly, she said she still wanted to go and my wonderful cousin David messaged us asking if he could come along. I was ecstatic! So after we threw together all our costumes we found ourselves driving to Phoenix!

I will say that the contacts were the hardest part about the whole thing. My eyes were burning and blurry the whole time and I'm actually still recovering from those few hours! I'm never wearing contacts again!!!

If you have me on Facebook I'm sure you've already seen these but I just can't help posting them! Soo much fun! I really love dressing up so this was the perfect place for me. I'm going next year, and no one is going to stop me!!!!

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