March 15, 2012

My Nerd-dom

I woke up this morning and just laid there for quite a bit of time. It wasn't until my sister came in to swipe some clothes from my closet did I get the strength to get up. We chatted for a few moments about our plans for the day and then I went to look in the mirror. My first thought? "What is the least amount of energy I can put into getting ready to be presentable?" To be honest, I totally skipped the shower and just washed my face and got the little sleep waves out of my hair. I slathered on extra makeup to make up for the lack of cute hair. I'm actually getting pretty good at this, and miraculously, I was at work 10 minutes early today!

I'll admit I haven't been very productive thus far, but I am working on my costume for Comicon!!!!  (Me = anime nerd, in case you didn't know). I haven't completely decided on who I will dress up as, but it's most likely going to be Ai from an anime called Hell Girl. See below-

I'm excited to say that I already have the wig, I know where to get the costume and now I just need to find shoes, socks, and some very red contacts. I'm so very excited!!! But one has to be very careful when cosplaying (click for definition) because you will fall into one of these two categories: Win and Fail. Here are some pictures to illustrate: 



I hope I don't ending up looking like the latter people.

Never the less, I will be accomplishing a dream of mine that I've had for some time now. I believe I have until the end of May to be ready, so I think I will also try and sew a costume. This one will be super tough but I'm willing to give it a go... as soon as I get my sewing machine back.

This kimono will be death of me, I just know it.

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