March 01, 2012

Is It Really That Weird?

With my usual internet perusing, I came across an article on how living alone can make you weird. I thought "let's see what funny things these weirdos do" hoping I would get a good laugh at it. Halfway through the article I realized I did over half the things mentioned (the other half included alcohol). I thought to myself. "well I don't even really live alone" but then again, I spend most of my time by myself (especially since I'm recently single :s ).

To be fair, I'd like to say that there is nothing wrong with being a little weird. If you're alone, you just learn to entertain yourself. Then I wondered, is the stuff I do really that weird? Please comment if you have ever done anything close to the following:

  • Sing epic ballads in the shower
  • Talk to yourself on a regular basis (sometimes in different accents)
  • Examine your pores nightly in a mirror
  • Coming home late at night and attempting to cook things
  • Never closing the bathroom door
  • Talking to your animals
  • Never eating a proper meal
  • Taking popsicles in the shower with you (seriously, you need to try it)
  • Play dress up with stuff in your closet, take pictures, then delete them
  • Take every opportunity to not wear pants
  • Run and slide across the tile in your socks
  • Randomly bust out with kung-foo moves
  • Yell at inanimate objects when they don't behave, or if they give you a funny look
  • Watch a movie, then spend the next hour fantasizing yourself as one of the characters
    • etc.
I will neither confirm or deny that I have done any (or all) of these. What are some weird things you do?

Let's just hope the weirdness doesn't spill over to the times you're in public. Sadly, I'm still working on this.

1 comment:

  1. I see nothing wrong with 1, 2, 4,....all of them.
    I might take you up on the popsicle in the shower one though