March 23, 2012

Not A Nerd, Just Excited

Today is a beautiful day. Not just the fact that it is Friday, but it is actually beautiful. The sun is shining, it's pleasantly warm, the air smells nice, clear blue skies, etc. This morning I woke up late, tangled up in sheets and pillows with a stupid grin on my face. Ariel comes in a few minutes later to pillage my closet once again. With her work schedule, she is usually long gone by the time I even think about waking up but today she was running late as well so I took even longer getting ready. I was having fun just talking with her and stamping around the bathroom while she put on her makeup. At 7:45 (I have to leave by 8 to be on time) I decided it was time to get into the shower. I did my best renditions of  "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli and "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan as I scrubbed the sleep from my face. I even hear Ariel applauding from the next room.

I'm finally at work but it isn't dragging like most days. I'm pretty excited because I have a marketing conference today (just me, my boss and a vendor). I feel like one of the big shots but I'm really just focusing on trying not to sound/act like a 19 year old during the meeting. So no chewing in the tables for me! No sir, not today.

Also, don't tell anyone else from the office, but I'm leaving work early as well. 'Why?' you ask? I'll tell you. The Hunger Games came out in theaters as of midnight last night and I was unable to attend so Ariel, Michael and I got tickets for a 4:00 showing. I'm. So. Excited. Not to be a super fanatic, but I do have a mockingjay decal on my car and I am wearing a mockingjay pin (covered by a scarf). I also dressed today in a similar style to Katniss (the main character) with a plain black tee, my now dark drown hair, and combat boots that are capable of kicking even the toughest of butts.

Not that I'm a nerd or anything... I'm just excited.

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