March 21, 2012

Gym Mouse

Ever since I've moved into my new house I've been working really hard on one thing: making a good schedule. With 8-6ish covered with work and commuting and a decent bed time at 10, that gives me roughly 4 hours to get stuff done/do what I want. I could easily spend 3 of those hours on the computer and the other hour eating and getting ready for bed, but what I've been working on is taking my workout clothes to work with me so I can just stop by the gym after work (I love the fact that my new house is about 5 minutes from my gym instead of the previous 15 minutes).

I've always loved working out, and when I say always I mean since my Junior year in High School when I started taking a weight training class. I loved pushing the limits of what my body could do (not to mention the rippling muscles that came with that). So now that I'm old, (2 years out of HS, baby!) I really want to get back in to working out like I was before.

I'll admit that I'm just starting out and am still too scared to go over to the weights by myself (I go to Gold's Gym and they have a LOT of huge guys there) so until I grow a pair, I'll be over on the treadmill and bike machines trying to get into cardio, which I hate (I'm not exactly a gym rat yet). It was fun last night because I saw my big brother Skylar at the gym and I felt like one of the Cool People for knowing one of the Cool People. I even paused my workout to stop him on a couple lifts. I'm guessing that looked pretty funny to anyone who was watching: A 115 pound girl helping a 200+ pound guy bench about 265lbs. I standing there in my little blue shorts yelling "One more, one more! You got this!" and Skylar is making his workout grunting noises. The last rep takes all this strength (and all of mine) to get up and back to the rack. I love working out with Skylar. :)

I'd really rather be at the gym right now then sitting at a desk all day. I blame this stupid office chair for the squish that's starting to work on my belly. Squish that will soon be obliterated!!!!!

My Senior year in strength training. Those are my trainees right there. <3
Check out those guns!

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