February 28, 2012

Babysitting = Birth Control

You should be proud of me. I went to that Institute class last Thursday all by myself. I even sat right in the front row! I actually regretted that later because no one sits in the front row, leaving me all by my lonesome, but luckily there were some nice folks behind me that didn't mind partnering up with me for parts of the class.

This past weekend was a rough one. I went to California with my cousin Jamie to help her and her husband with their three little girls while she ran an 11 mile obstacle race. She's one tough lady! Anyway, her girls are 4, almost 2, and 5 months. A wild bunch, but very cute. After it was all over and the drool and boogers had been washed from my skin and clothes, I was completely wiped! I still am. On top of that I have to start packing up my room and looking for paint because I'm moving this weekend! I'm pretty excited but I'm just realizing how much work it's going to be. I guess it's my own fault for not starting sooner.

I'm hoping that once I move I will have some more interesting stories to tell you... who ever you are...

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