February 16, 2012

Starbucks Is Not Just For Coffee Drinkers

This morning I had a doctor appointment to go to at 8, and thinking it would be a half hour wait, then an hour appointment, I told the girls at work I'd be in by 10:30. In reality, I was there probably a total of 6.5 minutes, wait time included. I didn't realize it was just a blood draw so I had the next couple hours of free time. "Endless possibilities!" I said to myself. I decided on Starbucks since it was 20 yards away. I ordered a breakfast sandwich and hot chocolate and sat at a little table and read.

I cannot begin to describe how wonderful it was. It was a pleasant atmosphere smelling of coffee and sweets, music was playing in the background and I knew every song. I sat at my little table for two and read my (zombie) book. There was a pleasant looking man across from me working on his laptop and an older woman having breakfast with her husband to my right. A steady stream of people came through to get their daily fix and hurry off to work. But me? I was sitting there calm as could be, soaking in soft rays of light peeking through the glass. 

Why is it when we are in a hurry time seems to speed by and then when we have all the time in the world the seconds just tick by like molasses? If I could do that every day, I would. It relaxed me completely, I didn't have a care in the world. After my hour of reading, I slowly made my way to work, not even bothering to dart and weave through traffic like I normally do as I rush to work. If only I had the mental ability to wake up early so I had time to get ready slowly. I'm not the kind of person who likes to be rushed.

So now at work I sit here and try and evoke that same content feeling that I had at the coffee shop, but a light bulb just popped so I need to go clean up some glass shards before the clients start coming in. 

Maybe I'll read a book tonight...

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