February 23, 2012

Much Needed Motivation

So I have 3000 page views. No big deal. I also made $50 extra dollars today for drawing and coloring a picture. Didn't even break a sweat. I also went to the doctor and got awesome news (no, not that kind of news). Basically, today is a very good day. I hope this good luck streak follows through to tonight where I will attempt to attend an LDS Institute class (I never go). I really hope my nerves don't give in and I decide to do something better (ie. watch cat videos online). These past few days have not been good since I'm am recently single. Long story, maybe later.

Anyway I'm glad it's been a decent day and I'm looking forward to this next week where I will be moving out of my Aunt and Uncle's house and into a house with my sister and a few other girls. I think I'm ready to do the independent thing and I'm praying I don't crash and fall on my face when it comes to finances. I better start pumping out new pictures to sell so I can afford toilet paper.

Hmm....I'm tempted.

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