February 03, 2012

Tear-Free Friday

There must be something going on with my hormones because I have been on somewhat of an emotional wreck. I've been reading Catching Fire, the second book to The Hunger Games (I just got emotional while typing the title... I'm defective 0_o). Every time there is a mention of comrade-ery, professions of love, or even simple happy moments, I get this wave of feelings that makes me want to burst into tears. This is not normal. I do not cry often. I would watch some super manly killing/explosions movie to cure me but I've already tried that. I'm still a pansy.   |.\_/.|

For those who like Twilight, or maybe you don't like it but you've read it/watched it, here are a few parodies I have to watch over and over again. I love them! (these don't make me cry)

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