April 17, 2012

Two-Minute Date

I kept my promise and went to the speed dating activity last night. Thankfully I had showered that day and my hair/face was holding up after 9 hours of work. I got home with enough time to read for a while before I started getting ready so I could calm my nerves beforehand. Next time I wont pick a book that starts out with an EMP and multiple bloody deaths in the fist 2 chapters. So after I was nice and "calm" I started looking for clothes and once again decided to forgo my plan to wear heels and settles on (not ripped jeans) and a Superman tee.

Luckily, David was nice enough to go with me (I guilt tripped him) so I wasn't as awkward as I usually am. I must say, this time around it went a lot better. A lot of the guys were supper chatty and upbeat which makes these kinds of things much easier. One (very hot) guy asked me right off the bat if I kissed on a first date. I then realized he was referring to our two minute date as a first date. I laughed him off and said some attempted flirty thing.

One guy did get my number but I think he was the kind of guy that gets all the girls' numbers. He also was interested when I said I did graphic design and worked at a patent and trademark law firm. He got my work number as well.

There were definitely some nice looking men and some genuinely fun guys to talk to. Thanks to my Superman shirt, most or our conversations revolved around the Superman or Batman debate, which is fine with me. If they can talk nerdy, they get points in my book. Of course two minutes is hardly enough time to decide if you really like someone or not so I'll see if anything comes out of this.

I'm glad I went but I paid for it last night with a whole 8 hours worth of dream speed dating. Needless to say, I woke up super tired and felt like I had been run over multiple times, but I guess that's what dating does to you.

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