April 12, 2012

Next Time, I'll Give Him The Eye

After a long break it's almost nice to get back to work. Despite the extra work load it has been moderately relaxing; however, there is the mystery of the Justin Bieber picture that now adorns our hallway. I asked Nancy what the story was behind it but she said no one would fess up to posting it. There are some shady characters in the office but it's hard to pinpoint exactly who did it and what their motive was.

Aside from office drama (that is about as drama-y as it gets around here) not much is new. It's back to my normal life and the repetition it brings. I believe my new goal for the next couple of weeks (months?) will be to spice up my routine. I vow here and now to assert myself and do something social and actually talk to people. I will try my hardest to not flake this time.

Speaking of people, I saw the most gorgeous of persons in the most unexpected place: Walmart. I know, it's like finding a flower in a garbage heap. Maybe I'm being dramatic but I could tell even before I saw his face that he was going to be handsome. He was standing in the isle looking around like he was waiting for someone and I was walking towards him. Luckily I was pre-gym, not sweaty, but still adorned in my brand new workout outfit and my hair in an acceptable perky ponytail. Feeling somewhat daring, I looked him in the eye and didn't look away till after I had passed. It was magical and luckily I didn't trip on my shoe till after I turned the corner. After finding the items I needed, I took the long way to the register, hoping I would run into the Adonis-like man again before I left, telling myself that this time I would give him the look, maybe talk to him. But my efforts were in vain, he was nowhere to be found. I left the store and went to my car with the sinking feeling that I just missed out on my soul mate and the beautiful life we would have had together.

Or maybe I'm just being dramatic.
Pics from the trip to South Dakota!

Out for a walk with Sunny and Mom. That pink Ewok is Claire.

A very cool metal horse in Hill City.

There is a spoon on his nose!

My brother-in-law Nate in front of some rather large rocks. 

That tiny tunnel  is what we drove our car through. 
Those rocks were huge and Nate and I climbed to the (almost) top!

Mt. Rushmore. I may or may not have stolen a large number
of rocks from there.

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