April 23, 2012

Week Of (Attempted) Fashion 2

It's a brand new week and I'm up to 4000 views! That makes the day just a tad bit better. Last night wasn't the greatest, besides an amazingly inspirational fireside last night. I could tell I was about to go into a rut so before I could make it any worse I told myself to just go to bed. It wan't very late at all and there were several things I could have done but I've learned to foresee those "downer days" and I decided it would be best to be unconscious.

Anyway, feeling much better today and I have my last week of fashion all finished. Take a look:

One thing that makes me laugh about these it the sate of my room
in the background. It progressively gets messier during the week 
and then is suddenly clean Saturday. 
(I may have photoshopped some of the mess out too)

So here is too a week of (hopefully) better fashion and better state of mind! I hope you all have a good one as well and I'll think of something more interesting to post about later. 

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