April 26, 2012

Pink Pumps

I don't know if it's the rain, my Barbie pink heels, or the fact that my hair looks great (even though I didn't shower) but I think today might be a very good day. It's probably too early to tell but my recently downy mood is beginning to lift. For some people, rain does quite the opposite to their outlook, but as I said to a (very cute) interviewee today, it's always an exciting and fresh thing when it starts to rain, especially here in Arizona. I can't wait till monsoon season!!

This week I haven't been doing very well on my workout regime due to family events and business meetings (not to mention sheer lack of motivation). I have, however, been very productive in the kitchen. Ariel and I made an amazing white sauce pizza with cilantro, basil, and green peppers on top. We also made some butternut squash french fries which were amazingly good but slightly too oily. I've noticed a good way for me to feed myself is to make a huge amount of something (spaghetti for example) and just take it to work and eat that for about a week. Great for single adults.

Hmm... just lost all train of thought. Barbie pink heels... even though I don't like pink so much. It's... growing on me 0_0

1 comment:

  1. Pink Heels??? Am I losing you? Are you slipping to the colorfully highlighter colored dark side?