April 24, 2012

Prince Charmings Are Equivalent To Two-Headed Snakes

I feel as if Hollywood and books and fairy tales have all played a trick on us. We females, and maybe even some of the men, are waiting for our prince charming, our Edward, Jude Law, or Ryan Gosling (or Zooey Deschanel for the guys) to come, unexpectedly into our lives and profess their undying love to us and how they were drawn to us by some unexplained force. There is no other girl quite like you, to them, and even though you have no clue why someone so amazing and perfect wants you, you feel special and fall in love and live happily ever after.

But this does not happen. If it does, it is one of those very rare occurrences like winning the lottery or snakes born with two heads. We are lead to believe that the fairy tale life is what we need/will get eventually. We think that if we sit back and be ourselves and glance at a cute guy the right way, it will be love at first sight and he will walk over and ask you to dinner and flash you a wonderfully dimpled smile and all you can do is sit there swooning because of his perfectly messy brown locks.

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for those kinds of books where the unassuming and particularly ordinary girl gets the dreamy, slightly broken, perfect young man who sees beyond her quiet demeanor and sees her for the true gem she is and unleashes her inner beauty and potential and hey, maybe she has a random mystical bloodline that she didn't know about that makes her even more special. You can probably think of  a few books that follow that exact story line.

I've come to this realization over time and I feel like it needs to be addressed. Sure it's great to have a fantasy that makes you happy to dream about, but some of us (me included) need to wake up and realize that no amount of sitting and waiting will bring you a charming Edward to your doorstep asking for your hand in marriage. Maybe I sound cynical but I think my little rant will ring true for a few of you.

This doesn't mean I will never read another romantic novel or that I will abstain from watching chick flicks in my pjs while eating ice cream but this does mean I won't wait for prince charming to come riding up and take me away to a land of eternal bliss. I will plant my feet on the floor, not the clouds and I will do my best to keep my ridiculous day dreams and scenarios to a minimum. No matter how many "alluring" glances I send over to that cute waiter, he is not going to ask me on a date, be a perfect human being and ask me to marry him after months of blissful dating.

Not going to happen.

I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist.

If you wish to dispute my findings, by all means, I would love to be proven wrong or at least hear what you have to say in love's defense because maybe you're one of the lucky lottery winners (or a two headed snake) and you found your dream man (or woman) and it was like it was meant to be.

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