August 29, 2012

"The Office" At The Office

Today we are having an having a birthday party at the office. The theme? The Office. Yes, that wonderfully witty show about the daily life as an office worker. Not all of you may know it, not all of you like it, but I happen to love it and so does the birthday boy here. For a card, we gave him a sheet of paper with a bland congratulation on his birth, everyone signed it with funny office quotes, and then we rubber banded it to a ream of paper.

He got a kick out of that.

I could probably go though and say which people at work resemble specific cast members of The Office, but that has potential to be very cruel and get me in trouble since the show depicts a plethora of quirky characters.

Even so, I decided I would be most like Pam, the receptionist in the older seasons, or Erin, the receptionist in the newer ones. I guess either way, I was probably born with the receptionist personality (which is my job, for those of you who don't know). There is no escaping it. My sister and I also decided my she would be Stanley, the sassy black man who likes his space and crossword puzzles, and her boyfriend would be Jim due to the fact that everyone likes him.

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