August 08, 2012

I Need To Go, Create

Time seems  to be flying by, but at the same time, not moving at all. I'm going to be starting school soon which is exciting for me, even though it may just end up being one night class. Other than that, I feel as if my life has hit a comfortable routine, strapped down and going along for the ride. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, but right now I want nothing more than to pack a small bag and fly to a tropical beach and just walk around.

I think I just want to see something beautiful, which is a hard thing to see in Arizona. Sometimes this place does surprise me and I can find the beauty in the setting sun or a dark night with a thunderstorm going on. I think being in an office all day had really hurt my creativity so I want to get out of here so bad and just walk slowly to my car and take in what the world has to offer. I need to take time this weekend and be outside
(in a pool because there is no other way to be outside comfortably), maybe even paint a picture.

There is a need to create, a need to travel, and a need to rest.

Soon I will be able to recharge my batteries, but for now, I'll just look at beautiful pictures and dream of adventures that may or may not ever happen.

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