August 06, 2012

Week Of (Attempted) Fashion 16

So this week is super lame/late but I have a great excuse, having been in the hospital most of the week where my fashion consisted mostly of open ended cotton gowns and my boyfriend's sweats and hoodie. Boy, was I a looker. I am making up for it today, I'll have you know, with a little something I got from an online store that one of my coworkers found. Basically, the conversation went like this:

Chantal: I found a dress you have to buy online.
Me: Why do I have to?
Chantal: Because they don't have it in my size, so you need it.
Me:.... okay.

So I buy it, and thankfully I actually like how it fits on me. I did have to get some new nude pumps for it though, which was something I was looking for anyway. Nude pumps... that sounds like something we shouldn't mention in casual conversation.

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