August 23, 2012

A Cowboy In My Kitchen

If asked what kind of music I like, the most common answer you will hear is "anything but country". Although some of you may gasp at that and tell me how great it is, some with nod their heads in fervent agreement.

After last night, if asked the same question, I would probably answer along the lines of "I really could listen to, and appreciate anything." This change in perspective comes from my bout with country swing dance last night. Adam, his friend Justin, and I went to a place... I really don't remember the name, and took some swing lessons and then danced for the next three hours to all sorts of country songs. I had so much fun! After a while the music started to grow on me and it was perfect for a fun, upbeat atmosphere (not to mention the fact that Adam sings along with all the songs).

Despite all the festivities, half-way through the night I had to stop for a while because my medication (along with all the spins, dips, and flips) made me pretty dizzy. After I recovered, it was back to throwing me around (a little more gentle this time).

After three hours of country music, and a very attractive dance partner, I'd have to say I'm hooked on country swing (and somethin' else).

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