August 16, 2012

Body, Don't Defy Me

Sooo I'm sick again. I'm really not happy with my body at the moment. Usually, I can go almost a whole year and only get a tiny little cold, but now in the past two weeks I've missed about 4.5 days due to being sick. Whatever this is, it better hurry up and get gone!

The only good that came out of this is I got to spend some time catching up on my sleep and Adam was there to take care of me in the evenings. Remind me to pamper him an obscene amount when he gets sick.

We had a blast yesterday. He came over in the happiest of moods which made me feel 87% better and we spent the evening watching Malcolm in the Middle (a very funny show anyone with a crazy family would appreciate) and trying a pre-made lemon meringue pie I threw together (you put the canned goo in the pie crust). The meringue part never came into existence because it's harder than heck to make and besides, the pie didn't even taste very good. In the end we decided to destroy it with fork jabbing and then Adam stuck his hands in it and played with the lemony goop. We are so mature sometimes.

Now I'm at work, trying to keep the nausea and stomach pain at bay. I've eaten 6 whole crackers today and if I'm feeling wild, I may have a couple more.

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