August 10, 2012

From Sweetheart To Puppy-Puncher

Life can be really good sometimes and despite a few setbacks, last night was pretty amazing. After work I went over to Adam's house to make dinner for his family. We decided on a pepperoni pizza that we had made before which turned out wonderfully. His little sisters helped us put the pizza together while we listened to oldies music and tried not to make too big of a mess.

After dinner we went for a late night swim and it was oh-so romantic. I know a guy who once told me that romance wasn't real (for guys) and girls are just delusional, but Adam is proving to me every day that it is real and being romantic is something he loves doing with me. We make cookies together and dance in the kitchen to big band music like Glen Miller. He makes up songs on his guitar and sings to me about anything that pops into his mind. He keeps my hands warm when I get cold (which amazingly does happen to me in Arizona) and he reads books out loud to me. He fixes broken things in my house grows out his beard when I ask him too. If that isn't romance, I don't know what is.

I would apologize for this mushy gushy post, but I don't want to because I'm happy. I hope things stay this way, and even though we still come across hard times and have our fair share problems, I don't mind as long as he's right next to me.

Yikes... I don't think I've ever written anything so mushy in my entire life, especially not publicly. Just so you don't think I've gone soft, I'll have you know that I punched three babies and a good amount of puppies today. Yeah, that's right. Little fluffy puppies. I also now own a leather biker's jacket (Adam's old one) that makes me look so fierce you'll wet yourself. Made from real cows. Cute ones. I also put the seat up after I went to the bathroom just to be a jerk. <- This is a lie.

Hopefully that sounds more like me and makes up for the sappy stuff. I should be balanced out about now.

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