September 04, 2012

Labor Day Adventures

Usually Labor Day is just a day where I am thankful I don't have school/work, but this year we actually went out and did something very fun. Adam and I took three young boys from his home ward and his little sister to Golf-land where we had unlimited access to bumper boats, the race track, and laser tag. The kids ranged from age 11-6 so they were full of energy and made sure we got out moneys worth.

We started off with bumper boats and I thought we might get a little wet and I was prepared for that. What I didn't expect is that each boat was equipped with it's own squirter so we all got soaked to the skin, resulting in me looking like a gross boy all day.

Laser tag had to be my favorite because I got free reign to shoot people and not get in trouble. It also didn't hurt that for some reason I was rocking it that day and repeatedly got the highest score by a good 2000 point margin. There's something about sneaking around corners and picking off your enemies one by one that brings joy (and adrenaline) to my heart.

Us looking semi-fierce. Please disregard my grossness. 

Reactions when Tucker saw the highest score.

An awesome Zombie Response Unit we found in the parking lot. 
I must have this!!

Back-side, with cute kids.

After 8 hours of adventure, I was more than happy to go home and sit on my butt, bu it was an amazing day and I'm sure the kids had a blast as well. Definitely better than sitting at home reading or being at work.

I vote for Labor Day Part 2!

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