September 06, 2012

Unsent Letter

To the man in the coffee shop-

I was just running in for a quick breakfast after a blood draw at my doctors office down the street but I realized I had a lot more time than I thought, so I decided to sit and read for a while. I had been stuck twice in each arm before they got any blood out of me so my arms were a little sore and I was tired from class the night before. I ordered my hot chocolate and cinnamon role and sat at the table next to you.

You had your laptop out, sporty red backpack on the floor, and some breakfast of your own. You were handsome in a "graying temples" sort of way, one of those distinguished looking men. I shot a couple glances your way and wondered what you were working on. Was it a report for work? Checking your email? Writing a story? I almost wanted to go over there and ask you, because I hoped you were like me: someone who came here to soak in the busy yet calm atmosphere and get something creative done.

I selfishly imagined that you were working on a story and that you looked at me and wondered the same things about me: what was I doing there dressed up in business attire? What book was I reading? I imagined you being intrigued by me, the way I was intrigued by you. Not in an attraction kind of way, but in a way of a natural human curiosity for how another person lives their life. What motivates them, what they spend their time contemplating.

You went up to the counter to ordered another drink but on the way there you stopped in front of me and complemented me on my outfit. I smiled and thanked you. You don't know how much you helped me, how you made my day because I am one self-conscious girl and have recently been struggling with my self image. To have someone, a complete stranger, complement me on my efforts to look nice is one of the best feelings. I hope you have a good day today, sir. I hope you find joy in many more days to come, sitting in the coffee shop, working away on some unknown project. I hope you feel fulfilled. I hope you have someone you love, and they love you and you never let go of each other.

To the man in the coffee shop- thank you, and I love you.

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