September 12, 2012

Halloween, How I Love Thee

October brings around two great things: cooler weather and costume parties! I do love any excuse to get a costume on and here is a conversation I had with my sister on the subject:

Ariel: Have you settled on a costume yet?

Me:  no, I'm considering cat women or...... a skeleton thing
painting my face
grim reaper maybe?

 Ariel:  Hahaha
You're so fierce!

Me:  I thought it would be cool
I'll send you an email of my idea

*picture sent*

Ariel:  Whoa!
That's a trip.
Why don't you be a princess instead?

Me:  .......
I want to be cool.
on halloweenn you dress up as something you're not.
therefore, I want to be cool.

*end conversation*

So there you have it folks. This may be one* of my costumes for Halloween this year, my favorite holiday aside from Christmas.

*I say one of my costumes because I plan on going to 3+ costume parties this month and I want to do something different for each.

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