September 18, 2012

Medical Mishaps Plague Me

Despite my deep aversion to medication, I found myself picking up yet another prescription to add to the cocktail of drugs inside of me. This one was supposedly low on side effects so I wasn't too concerned about my timing while taking it, so I popped one around 6:30pm and then took off to help Adam clean his room (that boy really does need help).

A pill cocktail (even though I only have three medications) 
seems like the worst thing for my belly.

After an hour or so of folding and sock-matching, we called it quits and went downstairs to watch a movie. That's when I was suddenly hit by a wave of drowsiness. I could barely lift my arms or hold a glass of water and I had to hold on to Adam whenever I got up. I was also slightly dizzy and I tried to keep at still as possible so I wouldn't throw up my dinner.

My eyes were having a hard time focusing and I got very very sleepy. I must have been acting a little out of it because Adam tried to covertly check my pulse (he's an EMT). I guess it was normal but I felt anything but. So I sat there and watched Resident Evil and tried to get a hold of my brain and body (great movie, btw). Partially through, Adam started being cute and resting his head on my chest, but then I realized he was just trying to sneakily check my heart rate. If you heard or read anything about my recent hospital visit, you will know I must be forced into anything medical (doctor appointments, urgent care and ER visits) so I didn't want to give Adam an excuse to send me back to the doctors (although, he is very sweet for worrying).

When it was time for me to drive home, both Adam and I were a little worried since I was pretty out of it and so tired that my jokes were really going down hill. Thankfully I made it home safely and fell into a deep, dream-filled sleep. Unfortunately I still feel a little off today, even now that it's past noon. The dizziness is still there and I can't focus on much. I just hope I get used to this medication because I can't be Zombie Haley every day.

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