January 09, 2012

All The Cute Things!

On Saturday Rich and I went to the zoo and I must say, everything there was so stinkin' cute!! I guess I really really love animals because I just was loving the whole thing. I appreciate Rich for tolerating me as I freaked out about how that bunnies tail is so cute and that cheetah is so cute and that komodo dragon is so cute... etc. If I could, I would have taken home every single animal with me and pet them all day.

I may not have survived very long but I would be undeniably happy for a while. Here are a couple pictures I took (sorry, I really stink at remembering to whip out the camera).

The majestic Cheetah!

The no-as-majestic-but-still-pretty-cool Flamingos! 

Yeah, that's all the pictures I took. I will get better because I can't really get any worse. 

The mail man just drove past my window. I imagined shooting stars and fire coming out the back... its sad how excited I am.

I promise, there will be a longer post soon. There is something I want to rant about.

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