January 11, 2012

Mule Of A Girl

Rich told me something that I think is a smart idea. He likes to say "pick your battles". I know I come from a long line of stubborn people and I have developed that trait (although not as bad) so I like to "fight" over little things because I'm one of those "I like the way things are" people. Like I said, I'm not as bad as some and when I say "fighting", I mean not giving up on my position on the matter.

Rich is stubborn as well, which makes an interesting relationship. I think it's about time I stop and think "is this worth it" before I put up a big stink about it. I know it will take some time getting used to but I'm willing to make the change so I don't stress us both out.

In other news, we started going to the gym. It's my goal to be fit and trim this year (and all following years) and I'm happy to have someone to work out with; however, I am not happy that my legs are so sore that I fall if I bend my knees too far.

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