July 11, 2012

A Sappy Happy Post

I hope I don't jinx anything by writing about this, but I just want to get it out there. I'm feeling pretty darn happy. It's not an all the time thing because life comes with it's ups and downs but generally, I'm pretty happy. It's safe to say that it's mostly Adam's fault that I'm so happy. He's great to talk with about anything and he is the perfect movie watching partner (especially since we have similar tastes in films). He's also a huge help in the kitchen even though he distracts me enough to make me burn bread sticks.

The guy has to watch movies with ice packs 
because he's so hot!

He sits next to me in church and brings his suit coat in the 110 degree weather so I can have something to put over my legs if when I get cold during the meeting. He opens my door for me when I get in the car and he wants to fix everything broken inside my house. He also plays the guitar and sings to me which makes my heart stop and melt every single time.

He even came with me to my brother's wedding. 

Adam is an excellent story teller and occasionally gets a southern accent when he's talking about guy stuff. He's a super positive, super ambitious man who makes time in his very busy schedule to some see me. Adam has the best smile and shows it off all the time. He's confident in himself and tells me sweet but honest things that help with my own confidence. He's patient and kind and doesn't pick on me too much when I give him "girl directions". He is brutally honest and very physically strong. He has a great relationship with his family and with his Heavenly Father and he's the best friend anyone could ask for (he's also more than a friend, btw).

Like I said, he's very in shape. 0_o

He also doesn't know this blog exists, which is how I might keep it for a while. I'm sure he might find this post kind of sweet with a little bit of creepy mixed in. I could really go on and on about the great things about him but I'm sure that if you haven't already threw up in your mouth from the sappiness, you would if I continued.

So here is to boys who are really men and strive to be the best kind of person they can be.

-This concludes my sappy rant about the cutest boy in the world.- 

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