July 19, 2012


Girls have a funny habit of sticking together. I would say it is more prominent in the middle school/high school  years but we're all guilty of it. I remember in school, if one of us girls said we had to go to the bathroom, we would either ask or someone would offer to go with us. Maybe even the whole group. By the time I hit my Junior year in High School, I finally broke the habit and decided I liked going to the bathroom by myself (I also became kind of a recluse in those years).

As we get older, this happens less, which is why I was stunned when I was on a double date (just a few months ago) and I mentioned to my little group that I needed to run to the bathroom and I would be right back. The girl with us turned to me and said "Do you want me to go with you?" with a very serious look on her face. I assured her I could make it on my own and later laughed about it with my cousin (who was her date). Although I broke the bathroom habit, I still do some of the other girls-together things.

This morning I got a text from my roommate asking if I had jumper cables. Her car had died in the driveway. I texted her back and said, no, I didn't but I would be down in a couple minutes. I ran downstairs in my pjs and talked with her a while, deciding after listening to the car trying to start that is was in fact, a dead battery. She got a hold of a friend with cables and as we stood out there waiting, I realized I was doing it again. I was of no help but I was there to be the person that is there to commiserate with. Us girls do that. We just need someone to be there who can see/feel what we're going through.

I've had many a conversation with my father regarding the female mind and all the "feelings" that come along with that. Personally, I would like to number myself amongst the more logical of the fair sex, devoid of those crippling emotions that get in the way of reason but alas, I am not without my girl moments (although I want to state that they are few and if they do happen, I try to have them come out in private). My dad, being a cold, logical person (he would like us to think) always taught me that emotions can compromise your judgement and I think that's true, but they can be good as well in the right time and place.

So as I try to limit the ridiculous girl-things, like the need for a potty-partner, I think it's okay to say that men and women are very different from each other and that's okay. Last night I was watching a show with Adam called Red Green, I believe, titled "We can't help it, we're men" and it illustrated all the big differences between the inner workings of the male and female brain. I think we need to have that difference because men are the Yin to out Yang, our opposite, and they complete us.

Aaaand I'm off work. Audios!

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