July 18, 2012

Dreams, Books, And Blood Loss

This morning I woke up to my alarm then fell asleep, woke up to my second alarm and then fell asleep again. I woke a third time as my sister entered my room, looking to be entertained. She plopped on my bed and after a few minutes or squealing and scratching each other, we started dream sharing. My family is blessed (cursed?) with very vivid and strange dreams so, naturally, we like to share them with each other. It reminds me of that scene in "The Giver" where the family is required to take turns around the table and tell their dreams and how they made them feel. Great book by the way.

So Ariel recounts her dreams about the hierarchy of sea monsters and firemen and I remember my dream from the previous night about a old family album full of cannibalistic pictures. Not the happiest of dreams. Either way, I knew I was going to be even later for work since I wanted to hang out with my sister (she had the day off). So I took my time getting ready and helped her pick out an outfit for her interview today. I seem to be the go-to girl in my family for business clothes, whereas Ariel is the one for comfortable casual clothes which is great because I own way too many pencil skirts and heels so I raid her closet for the weekends and she raids mine when she needs to dress up. Miraculously, all three of us sisters wear about the same size clothing, as well as my mother who occasionally swipes our clothes.

I'm sorry, I wasn't really going anywhere with that story. I'm kind of just writing for the sake of writing.

As of this past week, I've been feeling pretty off, but now I realize what was ailing me. I was very sleep deprived, I'm anemic and haven't been taking my iron pills, and it's that time of the month to top it off. So I'm running out of blood and have no sleeping time to help replenish it. Hopefully in a couple of days I'll be back to my fiery old self. I've done enough moping around for the month.

I feel the need to talk with someone but everyone at work is holed up in their office. Lame. They need to come out and entertain me. One of my favorite attorneys has been out all week and he's the one I like to talk with the most because he's really snarky and he appreciates my reciprocated snark as well. I just need someone to play with/talk to. I can go almost a whole work day talking only to the occasional client on the phone and that's for only a few minutes at a time. Drives me crazy!

So now I'm on Amazon trying not to buy all the books because that means I will have to buy another bookshelf which isn't exactly a bad thing. I'd like to be a well read person. I also think reading helps me develop my own stories that I'm writing as well as my vocabulary (one of my favorite things is sharing new big words with Adam and them trying to use them in a sentence, which usually turn out to be rather ridiculous).

Yesterday as Ariel and I were at Barnes & Noble, she made a snide comment saying, "There is your book section, with all the covers having beautiful young people and up close shots of their eyes." (I'm a fan of Young Adult Fiction, don't laugh). She then picks up a random book and says "Like this one." I look at and instantly recognize it and say "Well actually, the first book in that series was really good." She laughs at me but deep down I feel proud of the amount of books I've read. Even though they are all slightly ridiculous, especially now that I'm no longer a teenager. I do read older people novels as well, I just get my fantasy craving taken care of with those books.

I apologize, now I'm just rambling on. Either way, I just want to leave work and hug/kiss Adam. It's been one of those weeks and I just need a really long hug.

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