July 13, 2012

Rain, Refresher Of My Soul

I'm in love with the weather today: overcast and pouring rain. We, the people of Arizona, don't get much rain here so when it does happen, it's a huge deal. When I comment on how much I love the rain, people usually say something to the effect of "But you're from Washington, I bet you're used to a ton of rain!" I desperately want to correct them and say that I am not from the rainy Seattle side of WA, but in fact, am from the dry-er side, but I refrain and let them keep their delusions. It's technically a high desert that we fixed with a lot of irrigation. Don't get me wrong, it probably rains more than Arizona but it's not a constant thing like our Seattle neighbors.

Monsoon season in Arizona is one of my favorite times of the year because I get my fix of the rain (which is my favorite type of weather) and also we get the glorious lightning storms! I freak out about them every time.

Just a couple nights ago I was staying up way too late talking with Adam when we stopped and said "What's that noise? Is that rain?!" So we ran I ran to the window and pulled open the blinds to see an awesome rain/lightning/thunder storm in progress. We sat on the window seat and watched while we talked and then when I walked him to the door that night, I couldn't help but stand out in the rain (in my pjs) and just soak in in (literally and figuratively). If there is rain, I usually have to be out in it. I would say my element is water, despite my lack of swimming skills.

By the time I finished writing this, it stopped raining, but it's still overcast which is good enough for me. I'm hoping I have a chance to go outside today after I'm done being required to have my hair looking nice and sit in the rain for a little bit. If I was being sappy or dramatic, I would say the rain refreshes my soul.

Oh! The rain came back. I'm loving this. :)

The view from one of my huge windows. It may not look like it, but it's pouring.
Half my office area is all windows. :)

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