December 12, 2011

In Which I Make Children Sick

Here I am Monday morning. It's raining outside and I love it, but since my recent blood work shows a lack of vitamin D, I should be hoping for sun. I have a bowl of lumpy oatmeal that I'm letting go cold because I realized I don't like oatmeal and I'm now questioning why I even bought it.

This weekend was good enough. I slept in till 1pm on Saturday, which is insane but less so since I went to bed at 3am the night before. I got a little bit of Christmas shopping done but couldn't do as much as I wanted since I had the regrettable idea to wear heels that day (don't ask). Sunday was rather lovely. I slept in a bit then went to help teach my primary class of 3 and 4 year olds. I'm still finding glitter all over me. I spent the evening with my Aunt and Uncle, eating way too much, playing cards and watching Christmas musical performances while I texted with my man the whole time*.

Sunday night I had to do some work. Something had not been finished so I had to take it home so it could be filed today. The whole time I was working on it, I was saying a silent prayer that the attorney who was filing it wouldn't be in on Monday. Maybe he could have a meeting or maybe one of his kids would be sick. Wishful thinking.

So around 12:30 I got into bed and chatted with Rich on the phone for a bit then fell asleep quickly. This morning I could tell it was a gray day before I even looked outside. My bed had me tangled up in its sheets and refused to let me go. When I finally escaped, it was well past 7, giving me only a half hour to get ready. I found one of my dear fish belly up. His name was Caesar and he was a good fish. I could tell what kind of day this was going to be.

I made the slow journey to work and started up on my project again. A few minutes later I got an email from the attorney I was talking about. He said that he wouldn't be coming in today, his kids were sick.


Did I do that? I couldn't help but be a little bit (okay, a lot) happy that my silly prayer had been answered. I now have more time to work on the project. I think that this day will be good after all; however, I apologize to those young kids whose misery brought my happiness.

*Rich is coming down on Friday! I can't contain my excitement :)

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