March 25, 2013

Scorpion Queen

As I finally get out of bed once I realized I slept through my second alarm, I got a text from my roommate Amberlee.

"Hey girls, I don't want to worry you but I got stung by a scorpion in my room. Everyone please be careful."

By that time, everyone was gone for work except me and Amberlee. I found her sleeping in the kitchen on the couch. Luckily she didn't have a bad reaction to it but she said she didn't kill it. The realization hit me that he was still out there, on the prowl, ready to strike again.

Since my room was right next to Amberlee's, I couldn't leave for work until I knew that scorpion was dead. So I sent my boss a message explaining the situation and till in my pjs, I donned my tallest boots and grabbed a pair of tongs. With Amberlee at my side, we went through every single thing on her floor that it could be hiding under.

Let me pause and tell you that: I. Do. Not. Like. Bugs. Therefore, I am usually not brave when it comes to the extermination of such things, but when it comes to home security, I am one determined little girl. If a bug sets foot in my house, let alone my room, he has just signed his own death warrant.

So Amberlee had a broom and was pushing things around and I was shaking out her blankets and clothes. I was cringing and squeamish and every little thing I picked up, afraid of what I might find. I said a quick, silent prayer that I would find it, and sure enough, the next thing I shook out, a little tan scorpion fell out.

I'm pretty sure we both screamed.

I grabbed the menace with the tongs and squealed. Like a little girl. We ran downstairs and grabbed a jar. I dumped him in there and found he was still alive (I thought I had squished him pretty hard). I poured bleach in the jar, a little trick I heard somewhere, and waited for him to die.

I think he's still on our kitchen counter.

This is the first time I've seen a scorpion up and personal and now I'm terrified to think there may be more in our house. Although I did scream like a girl, I know Amberlee thinks I'm brave (I won't try to convince her otherwise).

Just call me the Scorpion Queen.

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