March 05, 2013

20: Why It Rocked And Sucked

I was very excited to turn 20 and finally be out of my teens officially. I was very very ready to be an adult, but the way things turned out, 20 was one of my hardest years. There were some really great times but sometimes the bad outweighed the good.

Why it Sucked

  • Just days after my 20th birthday, I had the infamous incident with the ant that sent me to the hospital for three days (two of those in ICU).
  • Following the hospital, a plethora of other related and non-related illnesses and conditions started to follow.
  • These conditions resulted in putting my of different medications, some I will have to take for the rest of my life.
  • And then the bills came. Hospital visits are very expensive and I support myself financially so all that money came out of my nice savings account.
  • Once my savings account was depleted and monthly bill payments were being made, my car decides it needs to leak and die.
  • An odd twitching thing I developed (looks like mini seizures) sent me to the ER again and then resulted in another medication to take (tally up to four prescriptions now, not including vitamins).

Why it Rocked

  • I have been dating Adam all throughout my 20th year making for wonderful times and lots of laughs.
  • I was finally able to get back into school. Writing and art classes seem like fun school work to me.
  • My oldest brother got married and then my sister got married! So that makes two new additions to the family.
  • I got this super fantastic job as a paralegal with one of my favorite attorneys and now I'm so proffesional (not really).

So, overall, it wasn't completely horrible but I am very much looking forward to 21 and what adventures that year brings!

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