July 11, 2013

Firefly Can Fix (Almost) Everything

I decided I'm going to write about some personal things, even though no one really reads this. That's fine with me. Soo...the man I have been madly in love with for over a year has just decided that we should "take a break" but still "go on dates sometimes". If that is confusing, don't worry, it has my head spinning as well. At first this did not go over well with me (I'm still not okay about it but I understand now).

After a week of crying, not sleeping, not eating, making myself become physically sick, and watching an obscene amount of Netflix*, I finally had a (small) breakthrough. After a good talk with the man I (still) love, I decided I would take this time to fix me.

If you know me, or have read any of this blog, you will know that I had depression, self-esteem, and hermit problems. So now I'm going to try to fix these so I can feel better about myself and stay away from too many perscription meds.

To do this I decided to start going out and making friends.

I'm not a mean/rude person so I don't have a problem being nice to people and they are usually nice right back, but with my life surrounding this boy for the past year (and even though he is still my best friend), I have to admit that my friends in Arizona consist of family members and Adam's friends/family, which is kind of a problem as you can see.

So even though I have always always hated the whole social/dating/party/single scene, I'm going to try to hop back in with a better attitude that I have been lacking for years. I'm not on the prowl for man-flesh, but I am going to be happy and be friends.

Hopefully the next time I check in I'll have some cool stories.

I'm planning on going to the river this weekend, and go clubbing with a coworker, and ....probably finish Serenity, the movie that comes after the Firefly series. If you see me going back into my hermit shell, please slap me.

*The main show of choice to help me not go completely bonkers/dead with depression? Firefly. You need to watch it!! There is something about Cowboys in Space with some Chinese influence that really hits the right chord.


  1. Hi Goodlooking! I read your post and think you have a healthy attitude. Boys are overrated.
    Why is it that your last post was 4 months ago? Are they not in order, or have you been slacking off?

  2. I'm sorry to hear of the recent "break" between you and your man. :/ Such a rough situation..but you do seem to have a positive attitude about it...if even just on the outside. I hope things work out well for you and that you are able to feel happy again on the inside and on the out.