April 11, 2013

Haley's Average Morning

6:00. Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze.
6:30. Second Alarm goes off. Half awake now.
Start looking through Instagram in the attempt that it will wake me up.
Fail three times at this.
It is now 7:30. Grab my 5' bear, Lincoln, and soak in the last of his fuzzy warmth.
Fall asleep again.
It is now 7:50.
Crawl out of bed. 25 minutes till I need to leave for work.
Look in the mirror and assess damage.
37 seconds to calculate appropriate strategy to salvage hair.
Wash face.
Brush teeth.
Tuck away straggler hairs back into yesterday's braid.
Slap on minimal make-up to cover redness.
Back to bedroom.
Remove all clothes.
Don new undies, locate comfy maxi dress in laundry pile. Memorized the spot the night before.
Fist pump.
Throw on cardigan and sandals.
Perfume for lack of shower.
Feed the General (beta fish).
Pet Parker and Stormie's bellies (rats).
Final mirror check with finishing hairspray.
Downstairs to the fridge. Grab yesterdays packed lunch.
Out the door by 8:15.
15 minutes to get to work.
Beat the boss in.
Look great doing it.

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