February 14, 2011

Happy VDay Mother F.... uh, nevermind.

   Not to say I'm a floozy, but this is the first Valentines day for a few years now that I haven't had a "Valentine". Personally, I find this quite liberating. This year, my February 14 is just an average day, except with a few extra whiny friends thrown in the mix.
   I feel ready to start a new lifestyle. Recently I moved from Washington to Arizona in attempts to start a new life with college and a new job and possibly other cool things that come alone with getting older, like clearer skin. The hard part now is throwing things in action. So far on my list of accomplishments since moving: I have watched some new and exciting movies, I filed my taxes as well as my sister's, spent a good portion of my saving on cool AZ clothes, drawn a picture or two and read a couple books. Not really what I had imagined prior to moving.
   Sometimes motivation is the hardest part of the day. I know what I need to do and most of the time I have the means to do it and definitely the mental capacity. But the thing I lack the most is that raw drive to get things done. Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning turns into an arduous task, but that can be blamed on the lack of sleep.
   In all my years of life (18.5), one of the thing's I've discovered about myself, and I don't know if it's like this for most of you, is without fail, I have the hardest time trying to fall asleep after a long day of non-productivity. A day started late, watch a movie, make a sandwich, text a friend, watch another movie and read a book. Then it's time for bed and nothing is accomplished. There isn't really anything that says "I've existed today." An impact was made on nothing.
   After a day like that, I usually stay up late doing something random and then lay in bed till 1 or 2 because my body is twitching and I have a sense of (what I now can identify) uselessness. It's destructive physically and mentally. Just thinking about it makes my legs start to get restless.
   Now that I've got myself rilled up, I think I'm going to make a plan of attack. Nothing looks better to me than a nice organized (preferably typed) to-do list. Well, nothing besides maybe a freshly dirtied Bruce Willis.

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  1. Awesome post. It was a motivating read for sure, I feel like being horribly productive now. The picture at the end was a nice touch as well...